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Cebora BI-Welder 2040 DC-HF Tig Welder (Dual Voltage Inverter)

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Cebora BI-Welder 2040 DC-HF Tig Welder (Dual Voltage Inverter)

Cebora Welders ZX265

The ZX265 Cebora BI-WELDER TIG 2040 DC-HF is a very professional dual voltage inverter welder designed for TIG and MMA-SMAW applications, excluding AWS6010 cellulosic electrodes. The welder is ideally suited for maintenance work and small production work.

Argon, argon/helium and hydrogen argon gasses may be used for protection. In TIG mode, the arc is started either in high frequency or by contact with the Cebora lift system.

The dual voltage tig welder offers pulsed arc, for use on thin gauge material where heat transfer must be minimal and is set up for remote control using the foot control (Part No: 193), remote control (Part No:187), or up-down control on the tig welding torch.

The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%). The tig welder can be powered by an engine driven generator of adequate power (Min. 6 KVA).

The welder has many helpful factors to it, including the ability to save up to 9 welding programs in memory. This helps promote ease of use and time efficiency.

Input 115V - 230V 50/60 Hz (Single Phase)
Dimensions 176mm x 450mm x 402mm
Protection Class IP 23 S
Duty Cycle MMA 230V/115V 140A @ 35% / 110A @ 35%
Duty Cycle Tig 230V/115V 200A @ 40% / 160A @ 40%
Current Range MMA 230V/115V 10A -140A / 10A - 110A
Current Range Tig 230V/115V 5A-200A / 5A - 160A
Input MMA 230V/115V 3.8 KVA @ 60% / 2.8 KVA @ 60%
Input Tig 230V/115V 3.2 KVA @ 60% / 3.1 KVA @60%
Fuse Rating 16A (230V) 25A (115V)
Weight 12.9 Kg

Additional Information

Weight: 12.9kg

Cebora BI-Welder 2040 DC-HF Tig Welder (Dual Voltage Inverter) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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